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Sunday Morning Bible Study

Western Avenue Baptist Church offers many opportunities for Bible study and personal growth.  Beginning with nursery care for babies, Sunday School classes and Bible studies are available for preschool, kindergarten, grades 1st to 6th, youth, young adults, coed, women, men, and pastor's class.

Nursery                    2yr-3yr                4yr-5yr                     Kindergarten

1st/2nd Grade    3rd/4th Grade         5th/6th Grade           Teen Boys

Teen Girls                 Young Adults        Pastor's Class       Coed Class I

Coed Class II          Joy Class          Frazzlin Ladies              Men's

 Ladies' Faithful Workers                    Young Women

Young Adults  Class

The young adults class invites and accepts anyone irregardless of age.  We have married couples, married but only one attending, and divorced attending.  We teach either from the LifeWay SBC SS material or a special topic book.  I encourage several translations of the Bible to get a better understanding of the scripture being taught.

Men's Class

The men's class uses LifeWay material and believes the Bible teaches us God's plan for our lives.  The class has men ages 38 to 93 years of age.

Ladies' Classes

We offer three ladies' classes.  Women of all age brackets will find one of these which meets their needs and expectations

Youth Classes (Teen Boys & Teen Girls)

Our youth groups study what God says about Himself and what our response should be.  It emphasizes that following Christ is not just inside the walls of the church but outside its walls as well.  The youth are challenged to think and make decisions based on the Bible, not popular thought or religion.

Small Groups

Small groups meet at church and homes on week nights and Sunday nights to enjoy fellowship, Bible study, and various topics such as family, marriage, finances, and spiritual growth.  There are men's, women's, and mixed groups.  We desire to develop fellowship between members and vistors, to meet needs, to focus on outreach to the community, and we desire to obey Christ.  Also, we are beginning a fellowship time at one of the parks for softball, volleyball, and other activities on a week night about 6 PM to 8 PM.  During the winter months we often have an indoor fellowship on the weekend.

Life Academy

Women In Missions

 Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry exists to glorify God using the talents and abilities He has given us to lift Him up and magnify Him through Choir, Handbells, Band, Singing Groups, and Solos.  The aim is to encourage others to worship Him.