WESTERN AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH....Love GOD...... Love Others..... Serve the World

The First Southern Baptist Church, Connersville, was organized in the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall on Sunday afternoon,    January 7, 1951 with 48 charter members.  The work really started with a tent meeting held in Beeson Addition on July 31, 1950 which lasted for (3) weeks.  A Mission was started in the Lodge Hall immediately from Blooming Grove Church.  Rev. R.E.Sasser accepted the call for the church to serve as its first pastor.

The first level of the church building at 806 W. 21st Street was completed in the summer of 1951 at a cost of about $10,000 with the members of the church doing most of the work.

The second floor of the same building was completed in 1955.  Pastor Sasser resigned in July, 1955 to become Supertintendent of Missions for West Kentucky Association of Baptists.  Rev. V.B. Castleberry was called as pastor in August, 1955 until July, 1957.  He was followed by these ministers: Rev. O.R. Gregg, September 1957 until October 1960  -  Rev. Malcolm M. Leach, January 1961 until September 1965  -  Rev. Carl A. Riley, November 1965 until July 1969.

In Janurary 1964 the church purchased a new building site at 2800 Western Avenue.  In 1968, the building at 806 W 21st Street was sold and Sunday Church Services were held at the Grandview School while the new sanctuary and educational space were under construction.

On January 12, 1969 the dream of a new building was realized as the first Sunday services were held at 2800 Western Avenue.  By a vote of the members, the name was changed from First Southern Baptist to Western Avenue Baptist Church, still affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Serving the church as pastor during this new period were:   Rev. C.L. Lindsey, April 1970 until February 1972  -  Rev John East, August 1972 until February 1978  -  Rev. J.R. Jones, June 1978 until December 1985  -  Rev. Don Pippin, January 1986 until November 1990.

By the end of 1991 the church realized that space for Sunday Morning Bible Study and a modern nursery had reached a critical stage.  In January 1992 workmen began tearing down the old farm house which had served the church's needs for (22) years.  This was to make room for a new educational wing and office space for the church staff.  By the end of September of 1992 the new building had progressed with basement walls up and half of the basement floor finished.  Several men and women of the church did volunteer work on the building.  Tom Woods was enlisted to oversee the construction.

During the next (2) decades the following pastors would serve and lead the ministries of the church.  They were:  Rev. C.L. Lindsey, March 1991 until November 1993  -  Rev. Stan Chaney, April 1994 until December 1998  -  Rev. Sid West, April 1999 until December 2002  -  Rev. David Pope, April 2003 until April 2006  -  Rev. Troy Bishop, May 2006 until June 2015.

By 2006 the sanctuary was showing its age and was in need of a face lift.  It had served as the worship center for almost (40) years.  In 2007 work was begun to completely remodel the interior, especially the pulpit and baptistry area.  A new sound system platform was added at the rear of the sanctuary.  Also added were a new sound system, stage lighting, and an overhead video system.  The design and construction of the rennovation was completely carried out by the men and women who love and serve this church.  The results are a very beautiful place to worship.  It is extra special knowing that many long hours were given by our church family.

In October 2016 Jeremiah Burdon was called to become the pastor.  The pastor family consisted of Brother Jeremiah, his wife, Debbie, and their son, Elijah.